Tom and the wind

One day Tom goes to the garden. He sees the leaves flying in the wind.

Tom says: "When the wind comes blowing round, he makes the leaves fly to the ground."

- My, how strong he is! He blows the leaves. He blows the trees. He blows me too. He makes me run. I like to play in the wind!

- This is a good day to fly your kite, - says his mother.

Tom runs for his kite.

- May I go too? - says his little sister May. - I want to see your kite fly.

- Yes, you may come and help me fly my kite, - says Tom.

- The wind will help too, - says little May.

Do you know how the wind helped?

He blew the kite into a tall tree.

Tom could not get it down.

- Oh, oh, oh! - cried May.

- Do not cry, - said Tom. - Father will get my kite down, I know.