The hungry cat

A hungry cat is looking for something to eat. She sees a little grey mouse sitting near his house.

- I want to catch that little mouse, - says the hungry cat.

She sits down and begins to cry "mew, mew, mew".

The little grey mouse jumps up to run into his house, but the cat sits still and mews again.

- She is sitting still, - thinks the mouse.

- She doesn't want to catch me. I shall not run away.

- Mew, mew, mew, - says the cat again.

- Why are you crying? - asks the mouse.

- See, I have a penny in my hand.

- Good, you are lucky. That's nothing to cry about, - says the mouse.

The hungry cat comes nearer.

- Oh, little mouse, I shall get some meat with the penny. I shall cook it and have it for supper.

- Good, you are lucky. That's nothing to cry about.

The hungry cat comes nearer and nearer.

- There lives a hungry dog in this house. He will eat all the meat.

- Poor Pussy, - says the mouse. - What will you eat then?

- You, - cries the cat and jumps at the little grey mouse.

But the mouse is too quick. He jumps into his little house before the cat can say another "mew".

- No, no, sly Pussy, - says the mouse. - You will not eat me. You must first catch me.

The hungry cat