Paddy and his pets

Paddy is a little fat boy. He likes to eat. He likes to play. He likes pets.

One day his father comes home from work.

- Run, Paddy, run. See what's in my pockets.

Paddy runs to father. In one pocket he finds a puppy. In the other pocket he finds a kitten. The puppy is fat like Paddy. The kitten is not. Paddy is so happy.

Every day he gives milk to his pets. Every day he plays with them.

One day his father goes to a party. Paddy wants to go with him too. In the hall he sees father's coat. He puts the puppy into one pocket. He puts his kitten into the other pocket. Now his pets will go to the party too.

They get to the house. Everyone is there. Father puts his coat on a chair.

- Mew, mew, - says the kitten.

- Bow, bow, - says the puppy: Everyone smiles. Everyone smiles, but father. He doesn't like pets in his pockets when he is at a party.

- I am sorry, - says Paddy.

- I wanted my pets to come to the party.

- Let's go home, - says father.

- Next time we go to a party, you let your pets stay at home.

Paddy and his pets