The injured carries the healthy one

The fox was walking on the road. Suddenly, he saw an old man driving a sleigh full of fish. The fox felt like eating fish. He run ahead and sprawled on the road like dead. The old man went to see him but the fox didn't even twitch. He poked him with his whip, but the fox didn't twitch. "It will be a beautiful collar for my wife's fur coat." - He thought.

He took the fox, put it on the sleigh and sat in front.

The fox was waiting exactly this. He looked around and quietly started throwing the fish out of the sleigh. Fish by fish, he threw all of it out and ran away. Then he collected it from the road, got home and started eating.

Then the wolf came, knocked on the door and got in.

- Give me a piece of fish, fox! - He begged.

The fox tore off one fish head and threw it to him.

- Oh, it's tasty, fox! Give me more.

- Look at him, such a sponger! Catch some fish by yourself and you will eat.

- But I can't!

- Look at him! How did I catch fish for myself? Go on the river, put your tail in the hole, stand still and repeat: "Take the bait big fish, take the bait small fish!" And the fish will cluster around your tail.

The wolf darted towards the river, put his tail in the hole and started repeating:

- Take the bait big fish, take the bait small fish!

The fox came there too, and started circling around him and saying:

- Freeze, freeze, tail! Freeze, freeze, tail!

- What are you saying, Fox?

- I'm helping you, wolf, I am draw the fish to your tail!

And it was growing colder and colder. The wolf's tail froze completely. Then the fox shouted:

- Pull it now, wolf!

The wolf pulled his tail, but he couldn't pull it out. "Gosh, how much fish I caught, I can't pull my tail out!" - He thought.

He spent the whole night on the river, he shivered with cold, froze, pulled, and hauled, but he couldn't pull out his tail.

At dawn women from the village came to fill up some water. They saw the wolf and started hitting him with yokes and buckets – they hit with whatever they took. The wolf pulled to and fro until he tore his tail off and ran away.

Meanwhile the fox ate all fish and wanted to eat something more. He got in a house where the owner was making bread. He ate a little bread and then he put his head in the kneading trough. The dough stuck to his eyes and ears. Before being seen by the owner, he got out of the house and ran straight to the forest. While running to the forest he met the wolf.

- Oh, dear wolf! – The fox started whining. – They only tore out your tail, but I am much more injured - they broke my head. Look, my brain leaked. I'm barely walking!

- Get on my back, fox! I will take you where you are going!

The fox got on the wolf's back. They set off and the fox started repeating quietly:

- The injured carries the healthy one! The injured carries the healthy one!

- What are you saying, fox? – The wolf asked.

- I'm talking to myself, wolf, so my headache could go away!

They arrived to the fox's hole; he jumped, got in, barred the door quickly and started making fun of the wolf:

- Ha-ha-ha! The injured carries the healthy one! Wolf, wolf, you are neither intelligent, nor sensible!