Zebra is cousin of horse. It is the only big mammal in white and black stripes. It has a crest and tail. Zebra is the nicest of all allied animals. It is long 2 meters and 20 cm(plus 75 cm. long tail) and heigh 1,25 - 1,35 meters. The weight of zebras is 225-420 kg. They live 20-40 years(in zoo).

Zebra lives in flocks of many animals(sometimes in the dry season - thousands of zebras in one flock) In the flock lives one male and some females with their cubs i.e. around 15 animals.

There are three species of zebras. The first species lives in Sudan near Zambezi river. The other species lives in Ethiopia, Somalia and Tansania and the third species lives in Africa mountains.

Zebras can gallop on long distance. Their enemies are lions, wild dogs, leopards. Zebras have good hearing and sense of smell.

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