The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world. He can't fly, but he has long and strong legs. He has small head, long neck and big eyes. His height reaches 2,75 meters, which gives him the opportunity to see danger from big distance. When they spot danger they get away from there very fast and they also warn the other animals around them for the danger.

The female ostrich has brown colouring, and when she hatch during the day she is hard to be noticed. At night the male hatches the eggs. His feathers are black and only the tail and the end of the wings have white feathers.

The ostrich has powerful beak. He can swallow big roots and even whole plants because he can open his beak very wide. The ostrich is the obly bird who has only two fingers on his legs, a small and big. The nails of his big finger he uses as a weapon. His fingers are advanced to run fast. He can run with 65 km/h and he can keep up this speed bery long time.

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