In the African savanna there are five species of Baboon. The dogger baboon, or the green, or the yellow baboon. The first one inhabits West and East Africa, while the second one inhabits South Africa. Their herds consist of three hundred up to seven hundred animals, which from time to time may reduce to ten, or increase to one hundred fifty. There is iron discipline in the herd.

Except the gorilla and the chimpanzee, baboons are those monkeys that attract out attention to the greatest extent by their way of life. They live on herds, predominantly on the ground and are famous of their predacity. They are called baboons, which means "head of a dog", because they have mighty jaws and longer snout. Thus, they are similar to some dog breeds. They have no enemies, yet, they avoid lions. At night, the baboons climb trees in order to spend the night safe. When lions attack them, they manage to escape by climbing the trees.

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